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Welcome to [community profile] ultraverse, a non-AU East Asian entertainment roleplay community. ultraverse was created in hopes of providing a centralized, multi-platform community with more variety and flexibility in rp options for muses wanting more options for interaction. As we will be actively looking for feedback and ideas to help shape the community, members are encouraged to speak up and directly collaborate with other members and the mod team as they see fit.

◆Disable IP logging here.
◆Keep IC and OOC matters separate, this includes uber, headspace outing, god-modding, etc. If you need help resolving an IC/OOC issue please feel free to contact a mod either through a comment or private message.
◆If life gets busy and you need to go on hiatus, let us know here. Otherwise, consider dropping if you think someone else might be after your spot.

To claim at [community profile] ultraverse, first check our claims list. We have no limits on claims per person or restrictions on cross-claiming, but we currently are not allowing doubles. We allow anyone involved in the East Asian entertainment industry.

If your spot is open, join the community and post an entry containing:
◆optionally, any additional forms of contact you might have (twitter, tumblr, AIM, LINE, etc.)
◆please tag your entry with !claim and !bandname (for example, !direngrey) or with !name (for example !miyavi) for solo artists. If your tag doesn't exist, we'll add it, so don't worry.

Because of the collaborative nature of this community, you are also required to add [personal profile] ultramod so that you are notified of changes and discussions.

You can comment all you want in your claim entry, but you'll need to wait for a mod approval comment before participating in other posts in the community.

For holds, drops and hiatuses, please comment on the claims list. In the case of holds, your place will be held for 4 days.

If you have any questions, concerns, suggestions or need help resolving an issue, you may contact the moderator through a private message or by commenting here. Since we're currently experimenting with the format of the community, please do let us know your thoughts and ideas at any time.

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